Weekend Retreat…Or Was It?

Okay, I do need a break and hopefully I am geting one this week. The end of last week left me dealing with some stress with work because I was not feeling like I have had the time or best focus needed for my projects and other people I felt were seriously trying to drive me crazy (like people not wanting to pay for the camping trip because they rode in the boat 20 minutes left…shut your mouth you work for Boeing and $5 is what you are crying about, I don’t get it). I thought that maybe the weekend at the cabin in the Olympic Peninsula would relax and rejuvenate me but it wasn’t entirely as I expected, not that I knew what to be expected.

The Crescent House was where we went.

Cabin rental.

The cabin was huge and nice and reminded me so much of the cottage which was indeed very comforting and appreciated, however, the people I went with just did not make it a weekend totally worthwhile. They were not friends of mine but friends of my friend Ashley. I knew her friend was bringing her 20-month-old and new “friend” but I did not know that the mom was 38, the new “friend” is 36 and the weekend would revolve around the baby. This is not something I am used to nor desire for a weekend away. Don’t get me wrong, the baby was super cute and possibly the most well behaved of any 2-year-old I’ve ever known. Call me selfish but I really was dissapointed that no one really wanted to go hike Hurricane Ridge or go find the UM vs. Notre Dame game at the bar with me, or stay up really late to play cards or hot tub.
The view from the dock.

The dock, blue, blue water and firepit.

How much does this look like the cottage?

Instead, we had to keep our hike to just along the lake for a short 30 minutes round trip and the baby would wake me up around 8:00am and no one wanted to go with me to watch the football game. We still did have some good fun but it just wasn’t what I would have voted for.
The Sol Duc hot springs in the Olympic National Forest. What looks like regular pools and hot tubs are actually filled by natural hot springs...and are hot!

We arrived late to the cabin on Friday night. The drive through the Olympic Peninsula is slow going (winding roads like near the lake at home) and we had to take the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. Saturday we had a great breakfast and then went on the short hike and then laid on the dock for awhile. We grilled hotdogs and brats and Ashley and I managed to finnagle our way onto someone’s boat to just tool around the lake on. Then I went to watch the most amazing game ever solo at the local bar. You could have plopped that bar straight out of Le Roy and never known the difference. I ended up chatting up two old guys at the bar and within 10 minutes had everyone in there pulling for Michigan and got myself two free beers. But then my friends pulled me away at the start of the 4th quarter. Bad move!! I didn’t make the boil because I was away watching the game but had it all prepped and left Ashley in charge. It was good of course but not the same as they way overcooked the shrimp and the potatoes were mushy. We made a great campfire and roasted smores. By the way, I think those super campfire marshmallows they are selling now that are like the equivalent of 4 marshmallows in 1 are not the best and do not work well for smores…what are people thinking with those things? Sunday came really quick and after breakfast we already had to pack up and check out. We drove into the Olympic National Forest and went to the Sol Duc natural hot springs by my insistence. It was cool but not exactly what I was expecting. It was such a hot day so you could really only do the hot water for so long and the sulfur smell was also a little nauseating. But it was still very interesting and the Forest was beautiful. We explored Forks only briefly just because it is where Twilight is set in. We stopped for lunch and ate out overlooking British Columbia in Port Angeles before completing the journey and the ferry ride back to Seattle.
Go blue!

I am so happy to be back in the city and determined to make the week a good week workwise and recover and relax in the evenings. And I finally got to watch the 4th quarter of the football game on DVR with four other people politely watching it with me acting as if they had never even seen it before! Such a classic game and seriously brings me right back to two years ago against Notre Dame when I left the stadium with tears in my eyes.


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