No Shame

    Until yesterday I didn’t know a bike seat was called a saddle.
    The Head and the Heart is my new favorite find in the Seattle area
    Bumbershoot vs. Dave Matthew’s Band Caravan was such a hard decision
    Dance Central is super fun
    After the Dairy Queen stop on the way back from camping I have a huge urge to go out and buy vanilla ice cream and make my own creations at home (I’m thinking of all interesting combinations)
    I broke another pair of sunglasses go figure
    Cinnamon Life cereal is so addicting and I can’t believe I have never had it before. I also cannot stop with all of the sugary cereals: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, um Cocoa Puffs ?, Golden Grahams, Fruit Loops, I dunno.
    I still haven’t practiced my guitar. I truly am thinking I will pick it up again when the weather turns bad
    I have about 10 groupons, livingsocial, dealswarms, bloomspot, or restaurant.com certificates to use
    I’ll gladly take home the leftover work bagels and cream cheese from Friday’s bagel bonanzas thank you very much
    My favorite work outfits are also probably my least JA appropriate ones (high heels, skirts, dresses, funky and chunky jewelry…also known as my outfits for transitioning to happy hours
    I took a whopping 5 photos of the camping and boating trip so I patiently am waiting for people to send more my way
    Between myself and my supervisor, pretty much every calculation I have has some kind of coffee stain on it
    I will try a handful of grapes at the grocery store before proceeding to buy a bag, I would expect everyone to do the same, no?!?
    I am currently obsessed with this house on Vashon Island. I want it…


    I really love both Trader Joes and Whole Foods for their food samples
    Put sweetcorn on the grill for like 2 minutes post-boiling them
    Two sets of hand calcs came to 20 pages each this past week
    Sephora to put on makeup to transition from workplace to happy hour is the most brilliant idea…and the Sephora here is very strategically placed for just that purpose.
    The only shows I follow on TV are truly those that come on Bravo!
    I found a pack of gum in my purse that was probably a year old…I just don’t chew gum except when I am around the family or someone else offers it up. I forget about it
    There is a list of about 30 different dishes that I have been wanting to try to cook but yet I resort to eggs, macaroni and cheese, and sandwiches about 95% of the time. I actually had to resort to writing myself a note-to-self to actually cook dinner once a week if for anything else but to have leftovers to bring for lunches
    Best work assignment I have gotten so far:


Can you you put together a quick list of some cool pubs / bars in Ann Arbor that are palpable in relation to each other?


    I brought three different swimsuits on the camping trip, but did wear them all! I told everyone that it was something that I didn’t bring all four that I have.
    I don’t like to ride my bike home
    I cannot cook kale. We have so much growing in our garden but the first time I cooked it I thought it was too bitter and the second time I nearly started the microwave on fire and didn’t know you could do that by steaming veggies. I like the green I just don’t know how to cook it.
    I am most definitely am not a beer snob. Bud Light or Corona tastes just fine to me most times.
    The dog that was staying at my place for a week, although adorable, kind of drove me crazy, and this I don’t like to admit. If it were mine I’m sure I would have felt differently.
    My favorite Beatles song is “Blackbirds” which is probably one of their least known songs but so amazing nonetheless.


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