As quickly as my family’s visit snuck up on me it left just as quickly. It was a fast visit but nice nonetheless and we were able to get out and see and do a lot. I think that everyone staying at my place worked out and was comfortable enough and having a rental car definitely got us around town.

Saturday we started off the day with a slowwww weekend brunch at Macrina bakery in Belltown with open air windows and the sun ashining. The coffee got us good and energetic for the awesome Seattle land and water duck tour throughout the downtown area and then out onto Lake Union. This was really fun and what I was almost most looking forward to. Our tour guide was hilarious and played some great music and going out on Lake Union in a bus was too funny. I even learned several things about the city. I showed the family my office and we walked along the waterfront, only slightly missing the chaos of Hempfest going on. A quick change back home and we found ourselves next in the sunshine at Golden Gardens. So relaxing and pretty looking out over the Sound and the mountains! Another quick change and we were back in downtown to try out our first Tom Douglas restaurant: Palace Kitchen. A long wait but the meal and dessert was so well worth it. I really liked this restaurant for it’s innovative menu and interesting decor, and again open air windows.

Ride the ducks!!

Boys on the duck tour.

Girls on the duck tour.

These babies go in the water!

Sunday we all headed over to UVillage for a wonderful yoga class at my Lululemon. After a nice hour of stretching we reenergized at the famous Portage Bay Cafe in the Udistrict with an amazing brunch and the beautifully stocked pancake toppings bar. Love! We walked to Aqua Verde Paddle Club to don some life vests and venture out on our own on Lake Union in two person kayaks…with peddles. It was hopping on Lake Union that day with the hot weather and this part of the trip was sooooo fun! A must do for sure when in Seattle. We paddled by Gasworks Park, the houseboats and the one from Sleepless in Seattle and got to see up close the hydroplanes land. Tuckered out from an active morning we changed plans and spent the night trying out a brewery and grill called Emerald Bay and then walked along the boardwalk of Alki Beach in West Seattle. The views from there still even amaze me everytime I see them. All we were missing were one of the firepits to claim as ours.
The speedier kayakers on Lake Union.

Out on Lake Union


Monday I unfortunately had to wake up early and work but the family did get to do the Tiger Mountain hike I did back on 4th of July. It is a steep and steady climb to the top with views of Mt. Rainier and the abundance of paragliders. After their excursion and my work day we met up downtown for some shopping on 5th St. We were pretty successful but our next stop was unfortunately not successful. After driving the half hour to Bothell, north of Seattle, to get all-you-can-eat dungeness crab and clam chowder at Thrasher’s Corner Pub with my good friend and her sister who was visiting we were told that we could not be served because it is only 21+. Wait, what? Not cool, not cool. We’ll be back in 2 years my friend because it sure looked good and fun. We went down the street to Bonefish Grill instead and still had some good seafood before going home and watching a movie I don’t even recall the name. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

Tuesday was the last full day we had together. I again had to work and ended up having to stay past the time I wanted to. The family visited Green Lake and went for a scooter ride around the gorgeous University of Washington. But when I did get to leave the crew was already waiting at Harbor Steps for me. We mosied over to Pike’s Market to Le Panier bakery and cafe and soak up the Sound views from the park. Headed home and then ordered fabulous pizza and salad to walk and pick up from Pagliacci’s and made tinto veranos. The night ended with a tournament of eucher but the results were not good. Revenge at Christmas!

As sorry it was to see my family go this morning and know that I won’t see them for another 4 months I realize that I know it is not forever like I felt like it was in Spain and the near to 4 months since I moved here has already flown by. I’m glad we got to do everything that we did and I am equally glad that there is still so much to do on the next trip. And the weather is still beautiful and the meeting with my supervisors today seriously did seem to fix the majority of my model’s problems and I had leftover pizza for lunch and a slow french toast breakfast this morning and a long sleep awaits me tonight!


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