BLUE (Angels and Nails)

It’s Seafair weekend…and now I know what that means. What that means is don’t attempt to drive anywhere, it is all about the water (Lake Washington to be specific), and it is Seattle’s version of St. Patrick’s Day. Though my plans on Friday got botched because I did go to work and I didn’t want to be on the water when it was cloudy and cool, it was still a good time. I watched the Blue Angels do their two hour show on Sunday from the shore of Lake Washington near Gennessee Park and it was truly amazing. Brunch at a super cute place a block away called Both Ways Cafe was equally delectable with the best most delicious biscuit I have ever eaten. Seriously.

How cute is this outdoor table at Both Ways Cafe? Who wouldn't want to get breakfast here on a pretty Sunday morning?

Flying Blue Angels over Lake Washington. Awesome!!!

This weekend I also went to another concert at Q Cafe and sipped on iced coffee, I really liked the bands this time, I did yoga outside at the Seattle Center with a big group of people, and much shopping with some great finds. I managed to get a steal with a pair of Paige Denim jeans at Ross downtown for only $40. Originally priced at $135!!! And I got a great deal on some Express purchases. I finally got my Victoria Secret order/exchange/return fiasco squared away so I have two brand new bathing suits. One is pink and the other is…pink. But two different shades so it don’t matter!! Oh and my poor beautiful yellow Trek bike got STOLEN on Saturday night. I was so not happy but for some reason am in belief that I will find it. Craigslist and Ebay I am watching you. I have alerts set up to notify me with posts for Trek bikes.
Bluegrass event last Sunday at the Tractor Tavern.

Amazing and young bluegrass band.

I went for the first time to Bellevue on Tuesday night for happy hour at Cyprus wine bar. It was only alright because we had terrible service but Bellevue is a very nice city. Monday I had dinner and port wine at a friends place spontaneously after work. We disagreed over Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. And Wednesday I got a mani/pedi complements to Ashley. I went with shocking and off the wall colors after I contemplated 100 shades of pink. In the end I decided that I most likely have those OPI shades at home and might as well get something different. So silver and blue it is. Boy did this feel good, and the massage chair was beyond phenomenal. At only $30 I told Ashley I might start coming with her once a month or so.
Outdoor yoga at the Olympic Sculpture Park with lots of yogis.

Rad! And kind of match my mat.

Though the weekend couldn’t top last weekend it was still a nice summer weekend. I ended it in a relaxing way and of course have plenty of fun things planned in the upcoming days.


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