And Why I am Loving What I am Loving

(Warning: There may be some nastalgia contained below)

Bagels. I have recently grown into liking bagels and I don’t know why as I can think of lots of other things that I would prefer over a bagel. It may be just because I have one I cannot help but think of when my mom and I would make and bring mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese to the skate nights in elementary school. That is definitely the reason why.

Scooter riding. It makes me feel like a rebel, like a eco-friendly commutist, and free all at the same time. Plus they are just so much cooler than cars.

Stonefruit. Of all kinds. Peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, you name it they are extremely delicious right now.

Tyler’s ribs. They are truly delicious with a kick and a crispy outer edge. But the entire time I was eating them I was thinking how much my dad and brother would like them and think I said out loud at least four times exactly that statement.

Barbecues with UM people. Already enjoy reminiscing about Charlies, football games, engineering classes, the diag, JG, dorms, professors, societies, etc. Wow, you’d think I’m an older alum than I really am.

Happy hours. Soooo convenient to get a drink and food for <$10 straight from work, socialize, relax, and then still get home by 9 or 10pm.

This weather forecase because I like it hot.

That's a beauty!

That the Michael Kors store is the first store you see when entering Pacific Place downtown. Every time I see it I think of Mom's purse, and then I laugh because she can never remember what brand of purse hers is.

The Seattle scenery. It NEVER gets old. I am mesmerized everytime I ride the bus, every time I ride my scooter, every time I walk down 45th in Wallingford and stop and see the city as I am standing on top of a large hill or see Mt. Rainier from the overpass of I-5, every time I go to the grocery store and it looks as though we are standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, or every time I am driving across any of the numerous bridges and see all of the sail boats and kayakers.

August. As much as I don’t want it to be nearing the end of summer I also really like the sound of August. For two major reasons. The first is that my Pandora account kicked me out for overuse for the month of July so I was having to look for music to listen to at work elsewhere which was such a shame because I have such a good Pandora station. The bigger reason though is that my family is coming in August.


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