What a Blast

This weekend was so much fun. Dare I say the best weekend yet. It started Friday with a great barbecue hosted by Mary and myself with 7 guests. In total 6 of us were UM alums. It was potluck style and we totally did a great job. So much better potlucks post college lol. I grilled sweetcorn, Mary made ceasar salad, guacamole and homemade apple pies, Tyler grilled his fabulous dry rubbed ribs, and someone else brought some sangria (though hers I would name a tinto verano but that is neither here nor there). Seriously the food was great, the company was better, and ending the night with Dance Central was hilarious.

First clue...putting gum on the gum wall at Pike's Place.

Ninjas attacking the firemen statue in Occidental Park.

Saturday was the big scavenger hunt put on by PDX Hunt. Myself, Mary and two other Seattle newbies dressed up as ninjas and took to the Seattle downtown searing for landmarks and businesses, writing down clues, and eventually making our way to the Seattle Center which we figured out was were the missing idol was located. After solving several of the clues and finally figuring out that the idol was located on float #74 of the big Torchlight Parade we were told we came in 2nd. 2nd?!?!?! We did so good being that there were 50 teams but we wanted the $1000 grand prize. I already have the October 2nd scavenger hunt date in my calendar to retry and I think all of my team members are in. We could still land a $100 best photo prize which would slightly redeem how close we were. I concluded Saturday with relaxation at the beach of Golden Gardens and listening to some great folk music and drinking iced lattes up the wazoo at the Q Cafe as a volunteer.
R&R at Golden Gardens

Espresso and folk Saturday night at Q Cafe.

Seriously best day ever. But Sunday wasn’t too bad itself. After the weather broke and the day became beautiful and I was relaxed I headed to the Tractor Tavern in Ballard for this annual Bluegrass festival charity event. For five hours I was there meeting people, noshing on a great potluck/bbq meal (I love that the bar allowed everyone to bring an outside dish and drinks for this event) and listened to first two hours of open picking and then three hours of live local bluegrass bands. I have new motivation to get better at acoustic and now I have a friend who is also going to buy a guitar and we are setting up a weekly hour practice session to both encourage each other.

It’s Monday but that’s okay. The weather looks beautiful for the upcoming week and in truth the weekdays are still a lot of fun. For instance last week I was able to get in a happy hour with my coworkers to celebrate their promotions (a requirement for them to buy everyone a round of drinks) at Owl and Thistle around the corner from the office, a happy hour at Pink’s Ultra Lounge, and a yoga class where I practiced next to a guy in a Michigan t-shirt. 🙂 I love summer and cannot believe or accept that it is August. The only thing that makes me happy about that is that my family is coming to visit in August. YEAH!!!!!!!!!


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