What I’m Loving TODAY!

* 80 degree weather and sun
* Going to a barbecue at Matthew’s Park on Lake Washington

Matthew's Park is slightly green.

* Swimming in a fresh water lake and not freezing
* Following up yoga with a grilled hamburger
Meetup group BBQing.

* Cruising on my scooter on an 80 degree day along Lake Washington
* My ears have regained the capability of hearing after yesterdays Capitol Hill Block Party
Capitol Hill Block Party

Donning sweet braids with flowers from the Aveda Institute booth for free at the block party.

* The Head and the Heart band from Seattle
* The end of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
* Brainstorming of possibility of getting a dog
* My eyes have regained clarity after Friday night’s viewing of the movie the Switch on someone’s projector in their backyard
The Switch on a big screen outside! Private outdoor movie = awesome!

* Having a legit schwarma in Capitol Hill
The said legit schwarma and most amazing hot sauce at block party.

* New Victoria Secret swimsuits
* Harry Potter movies still on continuous play on ABC Family
* Plums, peaches and nectarines
* Iced coffee at 5pm to cure a “coffee headache” knowing good and well I won’t be able to sleep tonight
* Tomorrow being Monday but not really caring


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