Work Week

This week has been a lot more work-focused than previous weeks. I think it has been due to the fact that I have had less social events after work. Yes, it has been a dry spell but not in a bad way and this weekend is predicting great sunny weather and a bunch of fun things to do.

The only excitement of the week was a special free viewing of Friends with Benefits right after work on Wednesday. I found it ironic since this was the movie my family saw being filmed while in NYC last summer. I honestly had zero expectations for a movie starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake with a name like that. Well, I was totally wrong. This movie was awesome. I really, thoroughly enjoyed it and thought both actors, as well as the other famous costarts throughout the movie did a great job and I laughed the whole way through. Go see it!! The rest of my evenings were spent with leisure bike rides on the Burke Gilman trail to explore my area a little bit more and relieve stress and relax my eyes from working on Autocad and SAFE all week at work. One yoga class at the studio around the corner that has recently been serving me well with the company health and wellness perk I used for yoga cards. And lots of reading of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I can’t put down this book and am so excited to know that there are already sequels put out. I am also glad that I am enjoying reading again since it usually is one of my favorite things about being out of school and up until now hadn’t cracked open a book. A good book sure helps that!

That’s all for now so here are my random ponderings:

    Just applied for membership in the Structural Engineers Association of Washington as an Associate.
    Set your Pandora station to the Avett Brothers…you will NOT be dissapointed.
    I am lacking guy friends here so far. I am just too used to having a lot of male friends.
    I really liking biking to work and finally managed to bike home from work this week once. Now I know the main reason I don’t like biking home: the last few blocks are all severely uphill…no matter what direction you are coming from. This midwesterner is still not conditioned for hills.
    I like taking the Seattle Times games section from work at the end of the day.
    I used to absolutely despise treats brought into the workplace. Now I am like every other person in the office and get all geeked up for what and when the next delicacy is going to be delivered. And these coworkers bring in good stuff. So far I have gotten to try a few really good banana muffins, homemade cherry pie (made with U-pick tart cherries…best cherry pie I have actually ever had), and oatmeal raisin cookies. Not to mention there has been a few cakes left in the lunch room and my personal favorite is that every Friday there is breakfast of some sort. I love the bagels brought in from Noah’s bagels with several different types of cream cheese. It reminds me of how often I frequented Bruegger’s this year in Ann Arbor.
    Okay, I have listened to this clip, UM Buckleys, like 5 time already and 1.) it makes a tear come to my eye and 2.) it makes me sooooo excited to watch UM football games at the UM bar called Buckley’s this fall.
    I almost find myself trying to make a good impression for the College of Engineering at UM more than my actual personal capabilities. Is this weird/bad? Either way, UM is beating Purdue, Seattle U., and UW right now!!
    Fast food restaurants have been my go-to this week just to stretch my legs and eyes at work. I have now tried Taco del Mar baja bowl and Mad pizza. Both were good at the time but I should stick to the much better options surrounding my office and Pike’s if I want to lunch out.
    Speaking of lunch out, I am a new fan of the Summer’s Out to Lunch free concert series that take place on Wednesdays and Fridays in alternating parks throughout the downtown area with great bands playing free concerts for us work folk from noon to 1:30. This is a reason enough for me to actually take a lunch break (otherwise I don’t really care to have to make up the time in the afternoons).
    Can someone get my friend Nish to come visit me here so I can go see Harry Potter. I am dying not seeing it yet!


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