I Really…

…Want To:

    Go pick up my library card and visit the downtown public library I have heard so much about.
    Go for a hike.
    Go back to Pike’s for a pastry, latte and then to church. (Of course I could before work I just never do!)
    Do yoga (just bought a pass)!
    Grill or even just cook dinner for once!
    Layout in the sun (haha).
    Eat a burger (big craving right now).
    Get a pedicure.
    Pick up my guitar and then get good at it.
    Go to Portland.
    And Vancouver.

…Need To:

    Get more flat shoes for work.
    Fix my scooter windshield.
    Fix up the wall from my attempts at putting up a shelf.
    Get a haircut (just noticed this yesterday).
    Somehow figure out how to secure my scooter trunk and latch.

…Love in Seattle:

    The bike lanes.
    That everyone wears their helmet which has made me too and I don’t feel like a dork while wearing one…I actually feel cool.
    The Happy Hours after work.
    Japonessa sushi (and especially when my company takes us there for lunch like yesterday).
    The coffee.
    That our trash container is about 18″x18″x18″ and our compost and recycling containers are each about 2’x2’x5′ and they will charge you a lot more for a larger trash container.
    Everyone reads on the bus…everyone.
    Super friendly people.
    Very casual dress code everywhere.
    No bugs.
    Very green.
    Not muggy at all.
    Not having an official work time.
    Wearing jeans to work.
    Guy to girl ratio.

…Don’t Love:

    The Pure Michigan commercials for some reason play all of the time here and make me jealous.
    I want it to be warm but it’s not yet.
    Sometimes the hill going up the Avenues but then I see someone in a wheelchair and don’t complain so much.
    9.5% sales tax is absolutely ridiculous. I understand now why people go and buy all their big things in Portland where there is none. That’s like a 10% discount.
    Cannot find good pita bread for pita pizzas.
    No Limited downtown. They must have a thing against downtown big city locations (NYC, Boston, Seattle!).


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