News in Notes

    Just finishing a marathon of AutoCAD Civil 3D and my head wants to explode.
    Surprising amount of Fords in Seattle (though probably hatchback Subarus are more common and suits the mountaineering stereotype).
    Didn’t know riding my scooter could reach this new level of fun. Hills are the absolute best. You should see the one I take to get to and from Trader Joes.
    Need to not dawdle in the morning.
    Went to Impanema with five others for a colleagues birthday on Tuesday. Learned that Impanema is a beach in Brazil. Also learned that Brazilian meat places such as this have the absolute best salad bar and make easily the most delicious lunch ever. Mountains of roasted and grilled asparagus, beets, artichokes, forest mushrooms, Cajun chilled shrimp, herbed goat cheese logs, platters of fresh fruit, hearts of palm were just some of the delicacies. Coworker also told me that hearts of palm should be illegal because to harvest them requires an entire tree to be chopped down.
    Have successfully bought MOST of my produce from Pike’s or a farmers market so far.
    Energy efficient toilets are rather annoying.
    My bedroom is almost complete and I really love it.
    Ikea furniture is not idiot-proof like I originally thought.
    Many, many vegetarians/vegans in Seattle makes a noticeable difference on restaurant menus.
    Made my day to get my package of silly, misc things from home.
    Field tour to the future site of the Brooklyn station on Tuesday. Really Tuesday comprised of lunch and field trip = real winner.
    Have no idea what the count is for either the NBA or NHL playoffs.
    I am mildly obsessed with my roommate’s cast iron skillet and wonder how I ever got along without one?
    I love riding buses and do not understand why anyone would hassle with a car and parking when it is so easy to ride the buses. I also love the ride-free zone for the buses in the downtown area.
    Another new member is going to be added to the Structural group because they think they have enough work for an additional member.
    New friend is getting me an annual bus pass for only $240 compared to me paying $90/month!!!
    Everyone has been asking me about the rain here but in all honesty it has hardly rained yet. It has rained but I’d say 90% of it has been either at night or while I have been at work and quits about the time I get off of work or shortly before. I’m bummed I haven’t gotten to take advantage of my rain jacket yet. LOL.
    Signed up for a 5k with work for Sunday. Wait, what?? Yeah I haven’t been running at all but most of the office is doing it (though several are doing the 10k) and I figure that I can finish the run if I go a very slow pace or I’ll just stop and walk. Ashley is also “running” it and she doesn’t run at all. We have plans to run once or twice around Green Lake before Sunday but I know that won’t really prep me for the race. I think this is really my first official race ever.
    Free pop at work is wonderful! Even a milk man comes by on Monday to deliver milk for the coffee which I find really funny.
    Groceries here are a tad more expensive except for seafood and of course Trader Joes. More reason to buy from a local market or eat out!
    That Panier latte I had on my first full day in Seattle according to my coworkers will not be topped as I guess it is the best coffee in all of Seattle. No point going elsewhere, right?
    Lots of hippies and backpackers here.
    Love that my apartment has controllable thermostats in each room. Genius!
    The comforter I bought may be too warm, even for me.
    I really hate moving/packing.


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