Dress The Part

I have been having some fun with dressing for work. It honestly does not differ much from my normal style as I would say that I dress pretty conservative anyways and find button-down tops and layering pieces pretty comfortable. The only real difference is replacing jeans with casual work pants and maybe different shoes (which I don’t like or feel as comfortable). For the most part I have liked my outfits and they have suited me well in the office and fit in pretty well with my colleagues.

Most people dress business casual but a few of the younger colleagues are very, VERY casual, like I wouldn’t have even worn to class. Though I realize that this is accepted in this company I also feel like it is not appropriate. I like to think that I am dressing not for my position but for the “position I want”. Also, on “casual Friday”, which I missed the memo, when we went on our field trip I was with one of the girls who is one dressing uber casual. She was the one leading the tour and was the point of contact with the client and I just felt that with herself and the three of us (all fairly young) it just made us look unprofessional and made me feel uneasy. First impressions are important when dealing in the business world and especially with clients and I just think it is better to dress up then down. Though I am already excited for this coming “casual Friday”!!


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