One Helluva Memorial Weekend!

So far my time in Seattle has been busy!! My flights were smooth sailing and uneventful. I remembered why I love Frontier so much though. First, win you upgrade to Classic not only does that let you check 2 bags but it also lets you subscribe to your personal television which is worth $6 (enough to make the $20 upgrade worth it for sure). Thus, I got to watch a marathon of Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes from last season the ENTIRE TIME on Bravo! It was great. Second, they come around with drinks twice. Now, what I like to do is first get my soda and then when they come back around the 2nd time I get coffee. Do not do the reverse because when they come around the 2nd time the coffee complements their complimentary fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies so well. Yeah I like Frontier! I decided to ride the Link to downtown because it excites me and it is easy and then I got a taxi from the downtown to my home which was a snap.

Funny introduction to my house actually. The cabbie dropped me off with my bags, I saw my cube and I went to open the door. I could not figure out the lock/deadbolt for the life of me. I actually started to panic because I thought maybe my roommate sent me the wrong keys or something was wrong with my set. It was pretty late at night but I saw the neighbors light on and went and knocked on their door. This really cute guy answers with no shirt on and his dog. I explained to him that I just moved in but can’t figure out the lock and since we probably had the same locks asked if he could help. Well, apparently all I needed was to pull on the door while turning the key to release the dead bolt but I was happy I asked for help! 😉

Sunday I was barely home. I leave you with a recap of my day in pictures:

To summarize I woke up, neglected to the storage cube to unpack and headed downtown on my scooter. The trip was basically the trip I will make to work and it is a breeze. I went straight to Pike’s Market where I took in the view through open windows, reading the Seattle Times, and eating a Chocolatine (chocolate and almond cream croissant) with the most delicious latte I have ever had in my life at Le Panier Very French Bakery right at the heart of the Market. I then tried out the City Church at the Belltown location just a minute away from the market. Okay, I first walked in very skeptical. I have grown so used to my church in Ann Arbor and needed one to measure up and have the same feel. This church was awesome. The music in the beginning was a replica of my church back home and then they show the sermon via satellite from the Kirkland home church but was so well down you would never know the preacher wasn’t standing right in front of you. The preacher was actually a guest preacher from a HUGE church in South Carolina so I still don’t know much about the actual preacher but I have good feelings about him. I am excited to go back and get more involved.

Next up was the giant known as Ikea. I was there for 4 hours!!! I could not believe it when I looked at the clock as I was checking out. I was having so much fun. The only thing that would have made this shopping spree more fantastic was if my mom was with me. Though I was still having to text her to ask her opinion on things. I ended up buying my bed (sans mattress and box spring), duvet, pillows, a decorative and warm blanket, a beautiful white dresser, a shelf to put up pictures and curtains and curtain rods. I think I am going to love everything that I got there. After putting away a lot of my clothes away today though I am wondering if I even really need a dresser. My closet is not huge but has incredible storage compartments that maximize the space. Hmm. Luckily for me, due to the holiday weekend they were comping any restaurant purchase from your receipt if purchasing over $100. I took up the offer and got a very nice stuffed salmon meal with these very interesting broccoli and potato cheese cakes and a salad. This was a sweet deal because I had no idea I was going to be there so long but I also was in no rush to leave. I wanted a soft serve ice cream when I was all done but knew I needed to head back home before dark since I realized on my way there that Campus Scooter did not repair my headlight. 😦

Today has been productive and lazy. I stayed home unloading the storage cube, gradually moving boxes up to my room two floors up and unloading them. I already feel at home here and I don’t even really have a bedroom yet. Today was gorgeous and sunny and I was able to go get my last big purchase of a mattress and boxspring in Queen Anne, bringing my grand total home goods cost to pretty much $1000. I also sought out the closest Safeway (too expensive and too cold in there) and Trader Joes!!! Yeah! I plan to do most of my shopping there and I would ideally like to purchase most of my produce from a farmers market around here. I picked up Thai takeout from a cute place in Fremont called Chillie’s Paste and oh my was it good. My roommate had told me about the exceptional Thai food in the area and she was right. I got two dishes because I still don’t feel like cooking, know I will be busy this week, and wanted leftovers. I got the Pad See Kow (aka drunken noodles) with spicy heat index and tofu and this was the best! I also tried a new to me dish called Jungle Curry which is a curry sans coconut milk with a side of brown rice. I got chicken for this one and though it was good I love the chewy wide noodles in the Pad See Kow and sweet and spicy sauce. The food was fresh, flavorful, not greasy at all, and actually well priced. Glad I already found a great takeout place…plus they deliver for free!

Pad See Kow and Jungle Curry with Brown Rice from Chillie's Paste in Fremont!

The night before my first day at work has yet to include finding outfits for the week and dewrinkling them, straightening my hair, cleaning out the rest of the storage cube, and preparing myself mentally. I am so happy for the short week and cannot wait until I have all of my furniture here and have things more settled in. I am happy to have already met all three of the adjoining units in the complex. Everyone is young and super friendly. It is amazing to me that at every place I lived in Ann Arbor I never got to know my neighbors let alone even run into them yet I have already greeted myself to everyone here in less than 48 hours. These Seattleites do seem to be uber friendly! Here’s to tomorrow!


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