Seattle, Here I Come

Yes I leave tomorrow. Seriously? What?? It’s been on my mind constantly since I took the interview over two months ago but all that thinking about is finally really happening. I was sad and anxious earlier this week but now that it’s here I am so ready. I am excited to land in Seattle and see my place for the first time and excited to buy furnishings and glam up my bedroom this weekend. I am NOT excited about making the long drive to the Detroit airport with my parents and having to say goodbye to them through tears with a meager wave as I roll my beautiful blue Samsonite carry-on through the security gates. Seriously, why can’t family and friends see their loved ones off from the gate anymore? That part is going to be really hard and I know I will sob and I know no words will escape my mouth because they will only be wretched croaks and gasps. That’s just how I do when I get upset. It ain’t pretty!

But yes, I am excited for this next chapter and I definitely think that I am being sent off well. I have had one heck of a last month in Michigan thanks to family and friends. I have sad good-bye to those most dear to me and I have reveled in good food and events in Lansing and Ann Arbor for one last time. I don’t feel like I really missed anything very important. Except a visit to our family cottage up north but that just wasn’t possible in the short time frame. I’ve been able to have all of my favorite foods: Aladdins, Georgios, Vinagrettes, Sugarberry, seared scallops and gnocchi, grilled salmon, fajitas, stuffed french toast, nutella banana pancakes (ok, that is a new one), moroccan chicken, etc. Aside from the food I’ve been able to go on a bike ride, play tennis with the family, watch movies, and go to a yoga class with my mom. I’ve had several errands to run, to the post office, Goodwill, Michael’s, the bank, recycling, the mall, etc.

But looking forward to tomorrow I am excited to see my place and settle in. My roommate won’t be home until Monday so until then I’ll be off exploring. Next post will surely be interesting!


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