Fun in the Capitol City

My time at home continues to be quite spectacular in trying to get all the good things fit into such a short time frame. The sun has come back out and it just screams summer and fresh starts. Thursday night the family went to a very nice restaurant called Red Cedar Grill that I have only been a few times but really like. I had a great pork tenderloin dish and two glasses of wine. I actually felt the wine…a definite sign that I need to start drinking up again to bring my tolerance back up.

Friday I had a lovely lunch with my mom at a new-to-me sushi restaurant in Lansing called Sushi Moto. Though I am moving somewhere that has great sushi this restaurant was actually top notch, fresh and well priced. My mom and I split two rolls: the Volcano Roll with crabstick, tuna, salmon, avocado with spicy sauce on top and the Delta Roll which was a California roll with avocado and tuna on top. But what I liked most was spending time with my mom. I sure am going to miss the private time with my mom and our great conversation. I’ve always had such an easy time talking with her and hope that Facetime could retain even a small portion of that connection. More family fun time with a very pleasant bike ride along the River Trail. The River Trail is a great bike path that runs along the Red Cedar River in Lansing. It kind of wraps through downtown and then ends up in Old Town. For those in Lansing, please check out the path this summer, it is absolutely wonderful and brings back so many memories of family bike rides. Our destination was in fact right off the trail in Old Town called Pablo’s Panaderia. Okay, I love authentic Mexican tacos and have been on a serious hunt for some great ones around the area. This place is fantastic for being in the middle of Michigan, about as far away from Mexico as you could possibly get while staying in the States. I just wanted tacos so I chose the three taco plate off of the lunch menu. It was perfection on a plate with my selection of al pastor, pollo, and asada tacos. I want to go back to try a torta, too bad my time left at home probably won’t let me.

The weekend was really awesome though. Saturday was spent at the East Lansing Art Festival to do some stall browsing and listen to a Brazilian jazz band and then the family headed over to my aunt’s house for a party. The menu included pizza and phenomenal vanilla and lemon cake made by my aunt but the real highlight was getting to see all of my 12 (small I know) relatives in one place one last time. My cousins and aunt and uncle from Indiana drove down for the party just to get to see me one last time before I move. This also was the last time for seeing my grandparents. All of the goodbyes were really very sad and sent me a bad sign as to just how depressing Saturday is going to be when I say goodbye to my family and board the plane for the West Coast. I cried last night but I will be bawling all Saturday for sure.

New necklaces!!

Sunday was a perfect day with a french toast breakfast and lattes with the family dining al fresco. It was such a beautiful and HOT day out! My mom and I went back to the Art Fest and I got some really amazing jewelry pieces that I am so excited about!! We also listened to Vienna Teng and Alex Wong perform. I had seen them back at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival and was just amazed by their sound and her amazing voice. I was so excited to see them again and once more they were phenomenal. Listen to their music everyone. Oh, and she is a Michigan Wolverine which makes score even more points in my book. Grilled salmon eaten on the deck, Desperate Housewives amazing finale two weeks late and a root beer float sealed the deal for the best weekend ever!
Vienna Teng: Amazing vocalist

Alex Wong: Perfect percussionist

Ahh…why does this fun with the family have to come and go so quick. I am so excited to start my life but it is definitely one of those bittersweet things. I want to go but I want to stay and bottle up all of the love and fun I have with my family and keep it forever. Too bad this is not a possibility.


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