Packed and…Ready?

Well, most of my life is now packed away in a 6’x7’x8′ cube and waiting to be picked up and shipped to Seattle in my driveway. I still can’t believe that this is all happening. And I still can’t believe how big the packing cube is. When I reread the dimensions and when the company equated it to the size of a “parking spot” I got really worried that not all of my stuff would fit…but it did, easily. I really don’t have much stuff, at least not much large pieces like furniture. I packed a lot of my kitchen stuff, some clothes, pictures, sporting goods like my water skis and snow skis, bike, and scooter. Now all I have left at my parents is about 1.5 suitcases worth of clothes, makeup, a few pairs of shoes, my laptop and a couple of reading books.

Welcome to my crib. I kid, I kid. But really, how fitting is it that the night I am packing for Seattle it is raining and I'm wearing a rain jacket? My Dad said, "Michigan is crying for you". That is what I said last year when I was leaving for Boston. Too cute!

So bizarre to look around my room and see it empty since in the last two weeks my room has been scattered with so many things while I was in transition mode. It did feel really good to get rid of so many things and I look forward to getting out to Seattle and buying new, grown up things like a nice big bed and dresser, new comforter, and bedroom decor. My roommate is already there and has the rest of the apartment pretty much good to go, I think. I will definitely take pictures of my new place once I am all situated.

So the last few days have been busy with packing. I did meet up with my best friend from high school yesterday for a fabulous and inexpensive lunch at Emo’s, a small Korean restaurant on Michigan State’s campus. Seriously, it was outstanding food served fast and all of their lunch specials are only $5. That is very hard to beat. I am still pretty new to Korean. My usual go-to dishes are bibimbap and bulgolgi but yesterday I ordered the Soon Tofu Chigae which was really tasty. It was a spicy red soup filled with soft tofu (love!), egg, a few veggies and served with a bowl of rice. It was perfect for a somewhat cold May day we had.

Soon Tofu Chigae from Emo's in East Lansing. Soft tofu, shrimp and egg with green onions and bean sprouts in a hot, delicious broth.

The complimentary and necessary sides to accompany a Korean meal. The waiter was a character and first told us they were out of kimchi, rice and noodles. I think both of our faces were the looks of pure horror.

And though I said I wasn’t going to focus on the food I will pay tribute to occasions out to eat or stellar meals that I make at home, or even just what I am really digging at the current time. So while we are on that subject my family also got Chinese takeout from a new place a mere minute away from our (their) house called Kung Fu Szechuan. It was phenomenal! Seriously the best Chinese food I have had from a restaurant in a long time. I selected Szechuan shrimp with vegetables and Ma Po Tofu for two of the entries and had generous portions of both with white rice and a dab of fried rice my brother ordered. Both dishes were spot on, not too oily or heavy and very flavorful and spicy. Actually very spicy! I am really having a love affair with tofu lately, especially silken. I have always liked it when prepared in Asian restaurants, now I just need to learn how to use it better. I plan on having at least a day a week that I reserve for tofu or meat alternatives in an attempt to be a little more sustainable. Plus tofu is budget friendly.

Now that I have packed away my new guitar (oh yeah, I forgot to mention I just up and bought a guitar to teach myself) and scooter and much of my other entertainment I will have to get creative for the next week in keeping myself entertained during the day until my family gets home from work. Unfortunately, most of my friends no longer live in East Lansing and the ones that do also work or still go to school so it’s basically just me at home without a car. Hmm.


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